MKimonos - Established 1995
Our M brand was founded in 1995 by myself and my brother, Marcelo Machado. The MKimono became an instant classic offering traditional styling combined with never seen before quality. The brand became a huge success globally and established itself as a symbol for jiu-jitsu excellence. MKimono products contain leading edge materials mixed with traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style.

Lutador Americano - Established 2001
I started Lutador Americano as a clothing company in 2001 after I came to the United States. I noticed that there were many Brazilians that had immigrated to the US and also that there were many Americans who were taking jiu-jitsu to new levels. I started Lutador Americano, which translates as American Fighter to represent these emerging groups. I felt the English phrase, translated into Portuguese, acknowledged the significance of America, while paying homage to my roots and the roots of jiu-jitsu in Brazil. In 2005, after years of producing Lutador Americano rashguards, shorts and T-shirts, I began producing LA giís. LA products are made from the same top quality construction as MKimonos, but they will not be bound by traditional stylings. This will allow us to incorporate new kinds of embroidery and artwork into our products.