Tyler Marcelo Machado Simon training in his Lutador Americano gi

12/2/13 - White Hybrid and Blue Hybrid gi'and belts are now also located with our US distributor. Those items are available on the site and will ship from Rhode Island via UPS.

10/20/13 - White Hybrid and Blue Hybrid gi's have arrived in Switzerland.

8/15/13 - Belts are now available for shipping from the United States or Switzerland.

2/15/13 - Currently, all products ship from Switzerland, but we are in the process of setting up a US distribution network.

1/30/13 - The new MKIMONOS.COM website is up an running.

9/1/12 - I am now in Switzerland! I am getting the website updated and will get back to selling soon.

5/15/12 - Check out a documentary we sponsored at Spider's Road to Health

5/10/12 - Congrats to Samir Chantre on winning the Long Beach Open and the first ever, World Jiu-jitsu expo! Way to go Samir!

5/5/12 - We just got in new MKimonos Short Sleeve Rashguards. Check them out in the No-Gi/MMA Section.

5/1/12 - We have new MKimonos T-Shirts in the Clothing Section.

3/30/12 - We want to welcome back Fabricio "Morango" Camoes to our Pro Team. Morango was with us at the very beginning. We are so happy to have him back.

3/26/12 - White hybrid gi's, purple belts, brown belts and black belts arrived!

3/1/12 - Special congratulations to Samir and Dan. Dan placed third in weight class and Samir placed second in the weight class and Open at the SF Open. Great job, Guys!

2/12/12 - I want to welcome Daniel Covel to our team. Please check out his section under Brand Ambassadors!

1/19/12 - Josh wrote a Buyer's Guide to Gi's. Not just MKimonos, but all BJJ Kimonos. It should really help people out. Check it out under the Buyer's Guide Section.

12/20/11 - interviews Samir Chantre: Samir Interview

12/12/11 - interviews me. Check it out! Luciana Interview

12/11/11 - MKimonos Fighter, Samir Chantre, won his MMA debut by Submission. Of course he was wearing his MKimonos Fight Shorts! Check it out! Samir MMA

12/3/11 - Tyler competed in his second ever tournament. He did great! Video is on YouTube:

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

12/1/11 - We are working on some new designs for shirts. We will keep you posted.

11/9/11 - MKimonos fighter,Samir Chantre, placed third at the 2011 World No-Gi Championships. Congrats to Samir!

9/25/11 - Special congratulations to MKimonos fighter Samir Chantre. Samir won gold medals at the American Nationals in weight class gi and no-gi. He also took home bronze in the absolute!

9/22/11 - A shipment of Blue Hybrid has arrived.

9/19/11 - Blue Belts have arrived.

8/14/11 - Gracie Magazine Online just put out an article on Samir's double gold at the Las Vegas Open. Check it out:

8/14/11 - Congratulations to MKimonos' Samir Chantre for winning not only his weight class, but also the Open Weight Championship at the Las Vegas Open this weekend. Keep in mind this Black Belt only weighs 140 POUNDS!!!

8/12/11 - Issue #173 of GRACIEMAG just hit the newstands. In it the legendary magazine acknowledges who they consider the greatest 15 male and female jiu-jitsu competitors of all time. We are honored to have 5 current or former MKimonos fighers on the male list: Xande Ribeiro (#2), Saulo Ribeiro (#3), Robinho Moura (#6), Marcio Feitosa (#8) and Royler Gracie (#14) and 2 on the female list: Leticia Ribeiro (#1) and Leka Vieira (#9).

8/1/11 - Be sure to check out my new advertisement in Jiu-Jitsu Magazine! It is on newstands now!

7/27/11 - The Website is back online.

7/12/11 - The Website will be down unti July 27th for maintenance. Orders can not be placed until then. Sorry!

6/28/11 - World Champion, Samir Chantre, has joined the MKimonos team. Check out his section under the Brand Ambassadors' section or go to his website

6/28/11 - took the 2011 Black Hybrid out for a spin. You can read their review on their website or under the Reviews and Interviews Section.

6/3/11 - Black hybrid gi's and yellow belts arrived.

5/26/11 - Check out the Reviews Section to see's review of the 2011 Hybrid.

5/24/11 - Black Hybrid gi's should ship from the factory on Memorial day and be here within a week.

5/13/11 - The Website will be down from May 14 - May 22 for maintenance. You will not be able to place an order during that time.

5/10/11 - My son Tyler had his first ever grappling competiton over the weekend. He place 3rd in No-Gi and 4th in Gi at NAGA! I put up some videos on Youtube. I will try and get the others out there soon:

Semi-Final No Gi

Consolation Final No Gi

4/29/11 - Sorry, guys. The Black Hybrid gi's will be delayed a couple weeks, but should be here soon. In the meantime, check out Renato Laranja's photoshoot with Tatame: Mastering the System: Episode 21

4/9/11 - The master himself, Renato Laranja, talks about MKimonos: Mastering the System: Episode 20

4/6/11 - BJJ Heroes has profile Marcelo Machado. Check it out: Marcelo's Biography

4/3/11 - Inside BJJ Interviewed Luciana. Check it out: Luciana's Interview

4/1/11 - Black Hybrid MKimonos should be here in about two weeks.

3/4/11 - Black Hybrid MKimonos should be arriving at the end of the month.

2/17/11 - We are excited to welcome 2X World Open Weight Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Xande Ribeiro to our team! Check out his bio under the Brand Ambassador section. He will be wearing the brand new 2011 MKimono at the Abu Dhabi Pro Cup!

2/14/11 - Another shipment of White Hybrid and White Palladium arrived.

2/5/11 - We will have a major announcement next week regarding a sponsored fighter! Check back here for the latest.

2/4/11 - Another batch of White Hybrid and White Palladium is on its way to us. We have also placed an order for Black Hybrid.

11/19/10 - New gi's have arrived. We now have new Hybrid weave gi's and the brand new Palladium weave. Check them out in the Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos section.

8/28/10 - We are beginning production on our next generation of gi's. They will feature new embroidery and a new weave never used before in the industry.

8/20/10 - The rashguards have arrived. I will get them up on the website this weekend.

7/3/10 - New rashguards are currently being manufactured.

6/18/10 - The shorts are here and available for purchase in the No-Gi/MMA Section.

6/17/10 - Our shorts will be here tomorrow. We will post them on the website as soon as they arrive.

5/8/10 - Our new "MMA" logo. You will be seeing it on our no gi products and bags.

5/5/10 - Everyone, thanks so much for your patience. We have been working hard on not only getting new batches of items, but also making sure our supply can keep up with demand. Over the next few weeks, we will be re-stocking Board Shorts, Rashguards, Kimonos, Belts and Bags. Check back here for the latest updates.