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MKimonos Review from Grappler's Quest
( - June 2003
MKimonos - June Gi/Kimono Review

Luciana Machado, owner and founder of MKimonos, has sponsored many world class competitors and tournaments nationwide, including organizing several BJJ and Judo tournaments, but I had never tried one of their uniforms. They have pioneered designs of uniforms that many manufacturers have attempted to copy, but to no avail. They truly are the pioneers of a new concept of material called the Hybrid Weave. Iíve always heard how light the gis were, yet how durable they were too. I just had to find out for myself. On Wednesday, May 14th, I placed my order for one white MKimonos Hybrid Weave 2003 and one MKimonos Blue Summer Weave Kimono.

Customer Service and Delivery Time:
I received the package containing both kimonos on Friday, May 16th, just 2 days after placing my order, containing the uniforms, plus complete Washing Instructions which got MKimonos to receive an ďA+" in overall customer service.

Comfort and Overall Look and Feel:
This brand new Hybrid Weave gi, from the 2003 MKimonos line, is made of a new fabric, which falls in between a single and double weave in thickness. I simply loved the comfort it provided from the moment I took it out of the package, until the first class that I wore it in. Usually uniforms feel very stiff when first out of the package, but I wore the Hybrid and Summer weave uniforms from MKimonos right out of the packages. The Summer weave is comfortable to wear in my academy, even though the temperature rises to 85-90 degrees some days (we are getting AC in August, thank god). Even though the material is breathable and light, the lapel and overall construction is super strong, which pleasantly surprised me.

The kimono tops (the more important kimono item) both fit me perfectly. Iím 6í2 and 215 lbs. with a 34 inch waist and 34 inch inseam, and the A4 fits very perfectly without alteration, which was a major bonus. The pants fit very well too. The pants have a unique drawstring design that keeps the pants hanging where they should be, and definitely do not fall down, which is extremely annoying. The logos and gi patches are very cool looking, which is always a bonus. MKimonos received another ďA+" for appearance, comfort and look and feel.

Iíve been wearing the MKimonos Hybrid Weave (White) and Summer Weave (Blue) nearly every other class. Iíve gone live nearly everyday that Iíve worn them and they pass every test including judo practice with one of my Judo Black Belt students. Thankfully, (LOL) I wash them both every week. They still fit me perfectly. Iíve had some problems with other gis that I tested, that once I washed them, they were too small, just from the dryer. MKimonos offers the extra material where it matters the most, in the overlap of the lapels (width) of the uniform. So many times in the past, Iíve shrunk other uniform and had that ďfat guy in a little coatĒ appearance. My assistant instructors loved when my uniforms shrunk, because I gave them away, but with that type of investment, I really felt cheated previously, but NOT with MKimonos. MKimonos still fit me perfectly after approx. 6-7 machine washer and dryer treatments. I love these gis! M Kimonos receive an ďA+" on Durability.

How many times have you purchased a $49 Judo/BJJ kimono from some retailer only to have it fall apart, rip or tear at the seams, fade or get discolored so badly that the pants and top donít even match, or even just look like a rag after just one usage and or wash? We want to help spread the word on return on investment. This section will help potential buyers of quality kimonos to understand the value of their purchase and assist them in getting the best kimono for their money.

On May 14th, I placed my order for one White MKimonos Hybrid Weave ($100.00) and one Blue MKimonos Summer Weave Kimono ($80.00), plus US$10.00 shipping. The prices were VERY inexpensive in todayís kimono market and for the quality of the product; the kimonos were tops for the investment. Total order price: $190.00. M Kimonos receive an ďA+" in Pricing and Return on Investment.

We highly recommend MKimonos all-around as a valued choice for a kimono. To order from MKimonos, Vitamins and Minerals kimonos, or other gear, please visit their website at: or email them at:

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