Jared Weiner

Age: 26

Team: Lloyd Irvin

Rank: Black Belt

Under: Lloyd Irvin/Leo Dalla

Weight Class: Lightweight - 161 lbs.

Website: BJJ United

USA vs Brazil Championship
2003 Brazil vs. US Dual Meet - Representative

Pan-American Jiu-Jitsu Championships
2004 Black Belt - 3rd Place
2002 Brown Belt - 3rd place

American National Jiu-Jitsu Championships
2003 Black Belt - 2nd Place
2002 Brown Belt Champion

Other Tournaments
2005 Yamasaki Black Belt Open - 3rd Place
2005 Yamasaki Black Belt Featherweight - Champion
2005 Grapplers Quest Beast of the East II Black Belt Heavy - 3rd Place
2004 Friendship Cup Black Belt Superfight - Champion
2004 Copa Atlantica Black Belt Under 180 Pro Division - 2nd Place
2004 Grapplers Quest No-Gi National Championship Advanced Lightweight Division - Champion
2004 Grapplers Quest V Lightweight Superfight Division - 3rd Place
2003 Victory at Valley Forge - Superfight Champion
2003 NAGA No-Gi World Championships Lightweight - 3rd Place
2002 Virginia Beach Brown Belt Superfight Champion
2002 Copa Atlantica Brown Open Weight - 2nd Place
2002 Copa Atlantica Brown Lightweight - 3rd Place
2001 Relson Gracie Nationals Purple Belt Champion
2001 USGA Purple Belt Open Champion
2001 NAGA Battle of the Beach II No-Gi Champion
2001 Kimono Kombat Purple Belt Champion
2000 International Pro Am Purple Belt - 3rd Place
2000 Yamasaki Purple Belt Open Champion

Jared instructing at BJJ United

Jared versus Dave Jacobs at the NAGC World Championships

Jared sporting his Orange MKimonos Vale Tudo Shorts and Black V&M Rashguard at the NAGC while defeating ADCC Veteran Mike Cordoso

Jared competing in his first match as a Brown Belt.

Jared battling the reigning World Champion, Leandro Slaibb, to a 0x0 - referee's decision at the 2003 Pan American Championships

The poster from the NAGA Pro-Am US Team Finals:
American Top Team
Team Renzo Gracie
Freeestyle Fighting Academy
Team Lloyd Irvin

Jared at 2003 World Championships

Jared winning his SuperFight at Valley Forge 2003

Jared with his winner's plaque from Victory at Valley Forge - 2003

Jared receiving his Black Belt from Lloyd Irvin and Leo Dalla 2003

Jared and Mike Fowler pose after the promotion

Jared wrestling up a weight class at the 2nd Annual American Championships