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Product Overview: This Brand New 2003 White Summer kimono is made of lighter, non-twisted fabric for hot weather training. It has the brand new MKimonos 2003 logos on the sleeves and pants. It is still strong enough that 7 time World Champion Saulo Ribeiro trained and competed in this Summer Weave gi. The New MKimonos pants are now made from a stronger fabric. After extensive testing, MKimonos believes this particular fabric is the best material for gi pants. They have a drawstring tie and a reinforced section running from the thigh to the ankle cuff. The open V-seams at the waist have an additional fabric collar to prevent tearing.

Customer Service: Once again Mkimonos provided us with unbelievable customer service. Only two days after placing my order the gi was at my door. I have no idea how they do this so fast but that type of service will keep me coming back for more.

Quality, Fit and Finish: I was a bit hesitant when this Gi arrived. It, to me, seemed like your average karate gi and would not last the test of time in a great room of BJJ guys, as a matter of fact I didnít think it would last the day. Just about everyone commented how it was going to be a shop rag by the end of the day. I figure I would give it the test right off the bat. I picked a training partner that loves to ďgrip upĒ and jumped into his guard. Well, to my surprise the gi didnít rip in half. As a matter of fact to his day it shows no signs of giving up. I checked out all the seems and cuffs and couldn't find any missed or loose stitches. All the stitching was strait and clean looking. All that was left was to wash it then see what size alterations it would need. To my surprise it fit perfect. Due to my size(See I'm 5' 9" and 147 lbs) I'm used to having trouble with fit and usually have to have my stuff altered which most lightweight and heavyweight guys probably know what I mean. The shoulders lined up and cuff lengths on the pants and jacket were acceptable.

Purchase Information: You can visit MKimonos website at http://www.mkimonos.com. or email them directly at Lu@MKimonos.com

Final Thoughts: Now after 4 months of use it's still holding up strong and no signs of wear. I wash it and drip dry once a week and the size has stayed true. Overall I couldn't ask for more as far as price and quality. I had my gi in two days and this was at the end of December when shipping is usually slow. Three others from my class have ordered from Mkimonos and had the same success as I have with their products. carl@globalmma.com