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MKimonos Review from Global MMA
( - November 2003

Three time BJJ World Champion and ADCC Champion Marcio Feitosa in his MKimono

Product Review: Mkimonos Hybrid Weave Gi

Product Overview:
This brand new gi, from the 2003 MKimonos line, is made of a new fabric, which falls in between a single and double weave in thickness. The fabric looks very similar to a double weave, but only weighs as much as a gold weave. It has the brand new MKimonos 2003 logos on the sleeves and pants. The New MKimonos pants are now made from a stronger fabric. After extensive testing, MKimonos believes this particular fabric is the best material for gi pants. They have a drawstring tie and a reinforced section running from the thigh to the ankle cuff. The open V-seams at the waist have an additional fabric collar to prevent tearing.

Customer Service:
I do not think it is possible to have better customer service. I have on numerous occasions ordered products from Luciana and I cannot believe the prompt service. I in most cases get my products in 1-day delivery time, yes 1 day. I know she is in Pennsylvania and I am in New Jersey but this amazes me. On this alone it would make me want to order from Mkimonos. Almost every package comes with a personalized note from her which is a nice touch.

Quality, Fit and Finish:
One of the 1st things I noticed with this gi was that the jacket didnít have a skirt. This was a big deal for me being that a few previous gis have ripped at this spot. It makes sense when you have a stress point to not have a seam on it. This construction makes it one of the most durable gis on the market today. This A3 was a lot bigger than I expected. I was concerned at 1st thinking that it wouldnít be a good fit and I would have to send it back. I decided to throw it in the wash and play the dryer game. Every 15 minutes I took it out of the dryer and checked the size and let me tell you this shrunk to the best fitting gi I have ever worn. With making it bigger it seems as if you can shrink it to your exact size. Perfect!! I was surprised with how light and sturdy this gi was. It was the 1st time I had not worn a gold weave so I was a bit skeptical. One roll on the mats made that skepticism fade away. When I wear my gold weaves I notice the difference, I feel as if I am easier to keep a hold of. To get the best possible review I passed the gi around to a few of my teammates for their opinions. I figured each person has their own preferences so this would give our readers the best idea if this would be the right purchase for them. Every single person who wore this gi loved it. Everyone commented on the light and sturdy feel.

Purchase Information:
You can visit MKimonos website at or email them directly at

Final Thoughts:
If you are in the market for a new gi or youíre a beginner starting out you cannot go wrong with the Mkimonos Hybrid Weave gi. The prices are on par with all other gis on the market, the quality is top notch and you will not find better customer service. If you donít believe me it is now the gi of choice at my academy. Every person who orders a gi through us now gets a Mkimonos Hybrid.

Joe Jennings
Global MMA
Kurt Pellegrino/Ricardo Almedia Jiu Jitsu Team