Checks Out the 2011 Black Hybrid



Materials & Construction
The Hybrid weave is both lightweight* and soft (*technically its a middleweight gi). Construction quality is good and material quality is, well, awesome. For the jacket, shoulder and inside collar seams are quadruple stitched. Stress points are very solidly reinforced at the armpits and hip splits and heavily reinforced across the shoulder and chest. Sleeve seam is triple stitched and cuffs are reinforced and triple stitched. The canvas pants are triple stitched along the leg and crotch seams and the knees are reinforced from knee to cuff providing good cushion and enhanced durability. Hip splits are well reinforced. Pant cuffs are also reinforced and have six rows of stitching. Two belt loops hold the corded drawstring in place. Simply put, this kimono is built to last.

Sleeves and pants were a bit short on me due to the fact I am built like a giraffe (62 / 195 lbs with long legs / arms and a shorter torso) but otherwise this is a very nice kimono to roll in nice cut, weight, and overall comfort level. Body and sleeves are snug but unrestrictive. Rolling in it, the kimono is light and very comfortable but there is some real thickness / stiffness to the all-cotton lapel that makes it difficult to be choked with. Speaking about being able to breath, the weave provided nice air flow and helped me stay cool during hot weather training. The skirt is a touch on the long side which depending on your game could be a good thing. My training partner mentioned that the softer sleeves were easier to grip compared to some stiffer, heavier fabrics I guess that is a fair trade-off for such a comfortable gi.

In one word understated. Apart from a small label on the lower lapel this kimono is patch-free. On the side of each upper arm sits a sweet embroidered double axe M logo in silver and white. The pants are similarly undecorated with a single small patch on the right thigh. This is a very classy looking gi straight out of the box and if patches are your thing you have one heck of a blank canvas to work with.

Bottom Line
This kimono has it all lightweight, soft, great cut, and well made. If its in your price range, its a solid choice.

Material Quality

Not Designed for Giraffes

Brand: MKimonos
Model: 2011 Hybrid
Made In: Brazil
Price: $200.00
Review date: June 17, 2011 Size tested: A4 Jacket Material: Hybrid Pant Material: Cotton Canvas Available Colors: White and Black