BJJ Culture Reviews the Hybrid Weave MKimono Reviews the MKimonos Hybrid Weave Gi
The Legendary MKimonos Hybrid Gi

The 2012 Hybrid is actually an enhancement of their most popular weave created in 2000, and we feel really privileged to have tried and reviewed one of this authentic legendary kimono at least once in our lifetime, as this is probably the best you can get.

This kimono is relatively patch-free apart from the small label at the bottom of the lapel. The 2012 Hybrid also features a high quality classic Blue M embroidery and a straight bold font of the word ‘Jiu-jitsu’ underneath, on both sleeves at the bicep area. For the pants, there's just a single small patch on the right thigh.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, MKimonos was established in 1995 by Luciana and her brother Marcelo Machado after Marcelo receiving his black belt from Master Royler Gracie in a small factory in Ilha do Governador in Rio. They began selling their kimonos to Marcelo's students at Gracie Tujuca & Gracie Humaita which was run by Royler Gracie.

Not known to many, MKimonos are the originators of the hybrid weave and summer weave, and also the first company to use the gold weave. In the MMA and grappling arena they were the pioneering company to introduce fight shorts with kimono material added to inner thighs of shorts.

Today Machado's products are endorsed by some of Jiu-jitsu’s biggest names including Xande Ribeiro, Saulo Ribeiro, Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira, Fabricio Morango and Royler Gracie.

Features of the Hybrid 2012
1. The Hybrid weave is made from one piece of material. The jacket made from high quality cotton, tough, light, and very durable. 2. Durable cotton double thick pants with reinforced knees
3. Thick lapel
4. Superb reinforcement at the key stress areas
5. Clean and simple design
6. Minimal shrinkage. Will shrink a bit
7. 2 loops on pants for drawstring
8. IBJJF legal

Unlike other kimonos the jacket is made out of a single piece of fabric as the two parts are sewn together, hence, you cannot find the seam across the back, making it tougher and more comfortable to roll in. The high quality cotton used really makes the kimono soft, light for a medium weight gi and really durable, making it a good choice for your training or competition kimono.

The lapel is medium thick, making it harder for your opponent to grip for long. A comparison of Lapel thickness with some of the reputable brands in the market.

The inner sleeves of the gi and pant is very well reinforced with another layer of thick cotton material trimmings.

Reinforcement Stitching
The Hybrid 2012 comes with a superb amount of reinforcements at the key stress areas. MKimonos has made sure that both sleeve and pant cuffs are reinforced with quadruple stitching. Most of the other areas of the gi is at least reinforced with triple stitching. Lastly, the typical high stress areas such as the crotch area of the pants and armpits are reinforced with a stronger material to minimize the kimono from getting ripped apart too easily.

The pants looks like they are made out of standard cotton fabric but however similiar to the Gi top they are soft and comfortable to wear. They are also reinforced around the knee region.

Comfort and Fit
The 2012 Hybrid’s weight is in between traditional Single and Double weave, making it more durable than a Single and more comfortable than a Double. Although its slightly lighter in weight as same a traditional Gold weave, it seem to air dries faster. Its lightness is almost comparable to the single but feel thicker. I'm standing about 1 m 85cm, 76 kgs. When I first tried on the gi without washing, it was slightly bigger for me. After washing it cold twice, it fit snug. Shrinkage is minimal if you follow the directions. After about 2 months of training with the gi, it hasn't shrank and perfectly fits me well.

Rolling Reflections
After rolling with the gi for two months, i can say i like this gi so much that it become one of my top 3 favourite gi in rotation. Very comfortable, the material remains really soft even after more than 30 washes. The cut of the gi is good, as there isn't any movement restriction while training with this gi. I believe this is a traditional style/cut gi at its best.

This is the kimono of legends and if what you are going for something really traditional coupled with superior quality, durability, and comfort and brand reliability, then the Mkimono Hybrid weave kimono is the one for you! I have to say, for me this is the one of the very few Gi that i am very impressed with their stitching and reinforcement. Everything about the making of this gi seems very well thought out of and manufactured with tip top quality. I couldn't find any cons about them so far within 2 months of usage. According to Luciana, she do not believe in making gis with funny colors and designs. Mainly because she believe that a gi should be traditional as a respect to the art of Jiu Jitsu. As quoted in her own words, below.

Luciana: “You probably know that I am "old school" Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so all this "circus" thing about fashion and making gi's look like pajamas or clothing, is really not for me. I fight and defend the gi's and BJJ to be respected as the wonderful Martial Art (old sport) it is. So, having uniforms made for grappling with pockets, camouflage, etc, just does not make sense. it looks clownish, disrespectful to the ones who take the sport seriously, and, with NO DOUBT, it's a beginnner thing (white belts). Graduated black belts, that are under respectful BJJ Masters, wear the white, the blue and sometimes the black gi, with my patches and that's all. But they wear more of the white gi's, I GUARANTEE. I talk to them all every day. If you did not read one of my interviews where I talk about my life in BJJ and MKimonos and also, about this particular subject (goofness of gi's and Martial Arts apparel), just read it, please! You'll know a lot about me just from reading it!”