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'Luciana is the best in the business in terms of customer service. She has always been up front about helping her customers with the best fit possible and will work to make sure the customer is satisfied even if it means issuing a refund. Thanks for the service all these years and will continue looking forward to new products!'

'If you are looking a kimono where you will get every dollar you put into out of it, MKimonos Hybrid weave is what you want.' - EverythingBJJ.com

'MKimonos is definitely a top of the line company. In addition to making the best products, MKimonos has the absolute best customer service I have ever seen. Five out of five stars across the board.'

'MKimonos is absolutely the best. They do business the right way...quality product, great prices, and customer service that is unsurpassed. A very personable company which is very hard to find these days. Once again, they are the very best company I have run across and their customer relations are even better. I wish every company was like MKimonos.'

'Seriously... you will never find someone more genuinely kind than Luciana from MKimonos.com. I have ordered a couple giís from here in the past, and she has not only, never let me down... she has made sure that I am 100% pleased. Luciana is truly one of a kind. I ordered the new gi in blue, and it is the nicest gi Iíve ever worn. ... Luciana youíre seriously the best in the business. Keep it up. Much love for you in Hawaii!!!'

'Purchasing from MKimonos was an excellent experience through and through. All products come as advertised on their site - great, detailed pictures! They answered all my emails within 24-48 hrs. Delivery is reliable in UPS and any short delay in delivery is due to customs (my order was delayed for a couple of days and took a total of 13 business days to get to my Canadian doorstep). The reason

MKimonos.com is out of stock on many of their products is because they offer great quality products with great personal customer service. Feel good about clicking on the Order button on MKimonos.com'

The quality of MKimonos Jiu-Jitsu gis are legendary in our community. The company is a very loyal and sincere group of people who will go out of their way to provide you with their product upon request, which can be difficult for them keeping up with orders right now. Great product, great customer service.

'As always Luciana Machadoís Kimonos are top quality, arrive quickly. I am a return customer and am again happy with my purchase. I recommend MKimonos to anyone who is looking for one.'

'I have ordered several times over the internet, but I have never received such personal care as I have from the owner of this store. I will most definitely be ordering from them again in the very near future and would highly recommend them to anyone.'

'Brilliant Kimono! Great company and Luciana is wonderful. I will continue to but from MKimonos for life.'